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Dear Mac:

We have just recently observed the third anneversary of entering into an informal, oral agreement with American Direct Mail Advertising Agency.

This "handshake" contract provided for your handling all "on-line" produced reports and direct customer mailings for the 107 offices of the Morris Plan Company of California.

During this year alone, this totalled nearly one million direct customer mailings and over ten thousand daily, monthly, and quarterly reports.

Never, in this three year period, has your firm been found wanting as a service agency. The well-trained, efficient, and courteous staff of American Direct Mail has enabled us to turn our attention to other areas, saving both time and money for The Morris Plan Company.

Your policy of providing, from time to time, money saving recommendations is appreciated. Yours is one of the most customer oriented firms it has been our pleasure to work with.

We look forward to continuing both our business and personal relations in the future. Please express our appreciation to the members of your staff for a job "well done".


Roger E. Farnsworth
Assistant Vice President

National Crime Reporting, L.L.C.
Pacific Design Center
ASD/AMD - Trade Shows
Hewlett Packard
American Cinematographer
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Morris Plan
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