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Self-Mailers prepared for automation rate mailings must be tabbed (secured) to prevent an open edge from jamming high-speed processing equipment. Construction of the mailpiece plays an important role in determining automation compatibility. Standards for tabbing are based on basis weight of paper stock used and the location of the folded or bound edge. As an alternative to tabs or wafer seals, the open edge of the length of the mailpiece may be continuously glued or spot glued. Tabs are not required on flats but may be necessary or advisable to meet other preparation standards.

Letter-Size Folded Self-Mailers
Fold (top or bottom) must be parallel to the longest dimension (length) and address of the mailpiece.

With one tab or wafer seal: folded edge at bottom of mailpiece, tab or wafer seal in middle of top edge of mailpiece.
  • Single folded sheet, sealed with one tab or wafer seal, minimum basis weight: 28 pounds (17 by 22 inches by 500 sheets) or 70 pounds (25 by 38 inches by 500 sheets).
  • Two or more sheets, sealed with one tab or wafer seal, minimum basis weight: 24 pounds (17 by 22 inches by 500 sheets) or 60 pounds (25 by 38 inches by 500 sheets).

With two tabs or wafer seals: minimum basis weight 20 pounds (17 by 22 inches by 500 sheets) if folded edge is at top or bottom of the mailpiece. Tabs or wafer seals must be placed within 1 inch of the right and left edges of mailpiece.

With fold on right (leading) edge: left (trailing) edge secured with at least one tab or a glue line, additional tabs may be required based on trim size and basis weight. Pieces 7 or more inches in length must also be secured at top and bottom edges and be pre-approved by the USPS.

Minimum basis weight of 75 pounds or greater. Double postcards not sealed on all edges must have folded edge at the top or bottom. The open edge must be secured with 1 tab in the middle.

Flat-Size Booklet-Type Mailpieces
The contents of the mail piece prepared in sleeves or other wrappers must be sufficiently secured in the sleeve or wrapper to stay in place during processing. If material bearing the delivery information or barcode for the mailpiece is enclosed in a partial wrapper, that wrapper must be sufficiently secure to prevent the contents from shifting and obscuring the delivery address.
Mailers should consult one of our salespeople or their local Post Office to verify tabbing specifications while still in the design phase.

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