Postage Permits -

Postage permits or indicias are marking on your mail piece that tells the postal service what class of mail you are sending your piece at and which account to take the postage from. They are an alternative to a live postage stamp or a meter. If you are using American Direct Mail to process your mail, you can use our permit on your mailpiece. If you would like to get one yourself, there is a price per class of mail, per year. Contact your local bulk mail center for details.

Preparation Permits may be imprinted by a printing press, hand stamp, lithography, mimeograph, multigraph, address plate, ink-jet machine or similar device. They may not be typewritten or hand-drawn.

Legibility The imprint must be legible, of at least 4 pts. In type size and of a color that contrasts sufficiently with the paper or printing on the mail piece.

Placement The entire permit must be aligned parallel with the address of the mailpiece and placed in the upper right-hand corner of the address area or the address label. The position of the permit may be varied so that data processing equipment can simultaneously print the address, indicia, and other postal information. But regardless, the indicia must not encroach on reserved space on the mailpiece such as the OCR read area.

Wording See the wording of our various permits below.

Postage Permits

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