Qualifications for Automation Rates

The Postal Service gives discounts to those that automate their mailings. To qualify for such savings, the Post Office has certain requirements. While many of these requirements will be handled by us (sorting documentation by PAVE certified software, CASS certification of barcodes, and bar coded tray or sack tags), there are some things that businesses should be aware of before designing their mail piece.

All classes of automated mail must demonstrate that they have updated the addresses in their mailing lists within 95 days prior to the mailing date. The four U.S.P.S. approved updating methods include:

  • Automated selfmailers may have to be tabbed or sealed shut depending on the design and class of the piece.
  • Any letter-size reply cards and envelopes (including business reply, courtesy reply, and metered reply mail) provided as enclosures must be automation-compatible and bear a Facing Identifcation Mark (FIM) and correct barcode for the address to which the piece is returned.
  • Mailpieces must be flexible. Generally, small coins or credit cards firmly affixed to the contents of the mailpiece are acceptable if the mailpiece and its contents can bend easily around an 11-inch drum. Rigid items, such as pencils, keys, large coins, etc, cannot be sent with automation mail.

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