Qualifying for Nonprofit Rates -

  • You must have nonprofit authorization with the Post Office you wish to deliver your mail.

    Gaining nonprofit authorization from the Post Office:
    A responsible officer from your organization must apply for an authorization to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail rates at the main postal facility located in the city you wish to mail from. Documentation of your organization's nonprofit status as well as filling out an application is required.

    You already have nonprofit authorization but not at the Post Office you wish to deliver your mail:

    You may request to mail at an additional Post Office by filing PS Form 3632, Application for Nonprofit Standard Mail Rates at Additional Mailing Office, with the postmaster at the postal facility that your organization intends to use as the additional mailing office. You must show on the application the exact organization name as originally approved. You must also attach to the PS Form 3623, a letter on your organization's letterhead, signed by a responsible official of the organization, requesting authorization to mail at the additional mailing office.

  • It must be your mail (cannot mail for another organization under your nonprofit permit).
  • The organization's name and return address must be identical to the name and address that appeared in the application.
  • Nonprofit mailpieces cannot contain advertising for credit, debit, or a product that is neither a low-cost item, a donated item, or a periodical publication, among other restrictions. Download the PDF for more details.
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